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Wagner de Miranda

Costume: Erika Ikezili

Partnership with

Cia. Espontanea de Teatro/SP

Sintonia investigates the cognitive skills of attention and perception. The audience will receive an iPod that allows them to choose the songs they would like to hear during the performance. By altering the way we use senses, dance is built on actions and scenes through visual and auditory stimuli, and what is perceived when we are attending to anything. The female is the particular theme explored and focused on the performance. Line inner and outer, action, stillness and movement. Dance emerges as a generator of imagery of thought, feeling, and engaged all the time when you are aware that a situation exists, you realize or know that it exists.


Fatima Wachowicz is Brazilian dancer and actress. She is a PhD graduate from the Federal University of Bahia/Brazil ( During her doctoral studies she spent 12 months in Australia, at the University of Western Sydney – MARCS ( She attended the WDA– Asian Pacific/2008, in Brisbane/AU, and WDA/2009 in Madison, Wisconsin/US. In the past 8 years, she has danced Contact Improvisation Technique. Firstly, with David Iannitelli (Bahia/Brazil), later workshops and jams sessions leaded by Alito Alessi (US), Ana Flexa (US), Camillo Vacalebre (Italy), Aaron Jessup(US), Cristina Turdo (Argentina), Fernando Neder (Brazil). The SINTONIA premiere was on 25th April, at Performática:2011, in Puebla, Cholula, Mexico. Fatima also led a Contact Improvisation Workshop and the Attention and Perception of Movement’s Lab, at Universidad de las Americas Puebla – UDLAP. SINTONIA was performed also in São Paulo, Brazil. Currently, she is serving as Professor at University of Viçosa, Brazil, Dance BA, Department of Arts and Humanities.


Sabado, 2 de julho de 2011 / 14:00h

Cinelandia, Praça Floriano – Centro

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